Are you burdened with feelings of anxiety, depression, confusion, or hopelessness?

Do you have obsessive thoughts or feel compelled to perform rituals that you know don't make sense?

As a Cognitive-Behavioral therapist, I see the goal of treatment as learning new tools to help retrain both your thinking and your behavior. My clients come to me because they often feel completely desperate and are losing hope that things will ever change or get better. It's a very focused type of therapy and involves an active treatment plan that we will create together. The goal is to learn new ways of coping with the symptoms that are preventing you from enjoying life right now.

My specialty is helping those suffering from OCD, a highly treatable anxiety disorder, which affects one in 40 people. It's a disorder that can leave people terrified of their own thoughts and living in absolute misery.

Thoughts like:

What if this bad thing happens? What if I am secretly an evil person? What if I don't do everything possible to prevent folks from getting hurt? Did I offend that person?  Do they hate me? Am I going to get sick? Am I going crazy?

Exposure/Response Prevention, a highly specialized type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the only evidence based treatment proven helpful for those who suffer from this tormenting disorder..................

I work with children, teens and adults. I involve family members in the therapy process in order to provide them with the support and guidance they need in order to live with and support their suffering loved one. I also help to facilitate two OCD support groups, including the OCD support group of Seattle, the largest peer led support group in the nation. Haven't you suffered long enough? There is hope.I look forward to hearing from you. I care.

"The work you do really does change lives!"..............................Jennifer S.